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The Ministries at Paradise MBC have be organized into the following:

The Deacons’ Ministry - Willie Foster / Deacon Delandus Foster

Responsibilities – Spiritual and congregational care giving and Pastoral support.

The Trustee Ministry - James Carter

Responsibilities – Overseeing the day to day operation and facilities infrastructure.

The Music Ministry - Lanvester Jackson

Responsibility – To minister the Word of God through praise, worship and song.

The Mothers’ Ministry - Nancy Crews

Responsibilities – Inter-generational mentoring and leadership for Women.

The Women’s Ministry - Stella Williams

Responsibilities – To encourage and empower Women to serve and grow in Christ.

The Men’s Ministry

Responsibilities – To encourage and empower Men to serve and grow in Christ.

The Youth Ministry - Sophia Ross

Responsibilities – To teach, encourage, and empower youth to serve Christ.

Golden Age Ministry - Miriam Cost

Responsibilities –To perform service; provide information and activities for Seniors.

Strategic Planning Ministry - Dr. Arletta Brinson

Responsibilities –To plan and implement the strategic vision of the Kingdom of God.

Paradise Travelers Ministry - Miriam Cost

Responsibilities –To plan, structure, and organize the travel activities of the Church.

Hospitality Ministry - Nancy Crews

Responsibilities –To meet, greet, and introduce friends and guest to Paradise.

Christian Education Advisory Comm. - Dr. Charles A. Harper III

Responsibilities – Christian curriculum development; all educational activities.

The Usher Ministry - Jacqueline Favors, Emma Bonner

Responsibilities – To greet, serve, and maintain orderly worship in God’s House.

Intercessory Prayer Ministry - Deacon Gary Rucker

Responsibilities – Outreach and care for those members that are not able to attend.

Culinary Arts Ministry 

Responsibilities – To provide for the safe preparation and service of food items.

Finance Ministry - Doris Freeman

Responsibility – To oversee the financial operations of the Church & Ministry.

Outreach/Social Service Ministry - Stella Williams, Jacqueline Favors, Deacon Willie Foster

Responsibilities –To feed, clothe, house and evangelize God’s people in community.

Sunday School Department - Queenie Hammonds

Responsibilities – To teach, encourage, and empower through Christian Education.

The Birth Month Clubs - Evelyn Harper

Responsibilities – To celebrate the service of members according to birth month.

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