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Church Events

Ministry Leadership

Review Meeting

Monday, December 4
6:30 PM
Dial in: 872-240-3212
Code: 920-268-149

Special Events

November Birthdays

Deacon Leonard Jackson ~ 3rd

Sis. Sylvia Jackson ~ 3rd

Sis. Sylvia Dunlap ~ 4th

Deacon Rodney Shelton ~ 4th

Bro. Marshall Hall III ~ 6th

Sis. E’Daesha Calhoun ~ 8th

Bro. Terrance Madden ~ 8th

Sis. Delilah Wilson ~ 8th

Bro. Anthony Freeman Jr. ~ 12th

Sis. Carmilla Lane ~ 14th

Deacon Vince Sims ~ 21st

Bro. Charles A. Harper IV ~ 22nd

Bro. Reggie Bailey ~ 27th
Bro. Keith Lowe Jr. ~ 27th
Sasiyah Trimble ~ 27th
Amore Gaines ~ 30th
Jeremiah Price ~ 30th

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