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Church Events

Ministry Leadership

Review Meeting

Monday, May 6
6:30 PM
Dial in: 872-240-3212
Code: 920-268-149

Special Events

April Birthdays

Mother Nancy Crews ~ 2nd
Alaina Seda ~ 4th
Bro. Derrick Grimes ~ 10th
Sis. Barbara Benton ~ 12th
Sis. Michelle Milner ~ 15th
Kayden Darden ~ 16th
Sis. Mitise Weems ~ 16th
Lady Jacqueline Washington ~ 20th

Bro. Zion Trimble ~ 23rd

Sis. Cheryl Harris ~ 24th

Sis. Ruby Partee ~ 24th

Sis. Teyon Weems ~ 24th

Bro. Kasim Weems ~ 27th

Sis. Deirdre Hairston ~ 28th

Sis. Chanel Davis ~ 29th

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