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Church Events

Ministry Leadership

Review Meeting

Monday, July 3, 2023
6:30 PM
Dial in: 872-240-3212
Code: 920-268-149

Special Events

Quarterly Church
Business Meeting

Saturday, June10
:00 AM

JUNE Birthdays

Bro. Arsenia Lane Jr. ~ 1st
Sis. Wanda Ogletree Moore ~ 1st
Mother Alma Burnell Thompson ~ 1st
Sis. Victoria Okon ~ 2nd
Deacon Willie Foster ~ 2nd
Bro. Cameron Robinson ~ 2nd
Sis. Porsha Brown ~ 3rd
Sis. Louverna Nettles ~ 3rd
Dr. Erin Harper ~ 6th
Sis. Jessica Jackson ~ 8th
Mother Mable Ray ~ 8th
Sis. Mary Rainey ~ 11th
Bro. Henry Mills ~ 12th
Sis. Felicia Harris Shelton ~19th
Sis. Angela Hudson ~ 20th
Sis. Teamiah Weems ~ 21st
Sis. Brittany Bess ~ 23rd
Sis. Monica Nurse ~ 24th
Sis. Doris Freeman ~ 25th
Sis. Tamika Smith ~ 25th
Sis. Gail Thompson ~ 27th

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